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San Antonio Thanksgiving Energy Conservation Tips

Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 in Plumbing Repair San Antonio TX, Water Heater Repair San Antonio | 0 comments

We will not bore you with the common trite opening to a Thanksgiving holiday article … Water Heater Repair San Antonio truly just wants to share this infographic on saving energy this Thanksgiving weekend. There are great deals of means to minimize energy used in the kitchen while preparing your meal that are added right here. Likewise, with all the heat produced from the kitchen and the extra body heat in the house, one can easily turn the thermostat down as well! Now back to exactly how we opened the post … yes Water Heater Repair San Antonio enjoys Thanksgiving and are very...

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How to Clean Your Washing Machine Drain

Posted by on Nov 7, 2013 in San Antonio Drain Cleaning | 0 comments

A stopped up washing machine drain can bring about a myriad of troubles for a homeowner. Not only can an obstructed drain possibly mean inefficient draining of water, it can also progressively result in overflow. Cleansing a washing machine drain is essentially an easy procedure, and in the end, will produce remarkable operation from your device. Prior to starting a task with electrical home appliances, you must disconnect them to avoid accidental shock. Clearing Obstructions From A Washing Machine Drain Is Simple The drainage pipe is a large, versatile pipe found on the back of the cleaning...

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How to Fix a Leaking San Antonio Water Heater

Posted by on Nov 7, 2013 in Gas Water Heater Repair San Antonio, Water Heater Repair San Antonio | 0 comments

If your hot water heating unit is dripping water, there could be reason for concern, or maybe a simple fix suggests Water Heater Repair San Antonio. Right here are some guidelines for taking a cautious take a look at your hot water heating unit and diagnosing the issue.  This write-up will certainly cover both gas and electric water heating units, supplying unique notes if different diagnoses are needed for each specific kind. Diagnosing and Fixing Water Heater Leaks Start by evaluating the water pipes leading into the heating unit, the flexible connectors and the shut-off valve. Of course,...

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